Well Played UPS Man

Me and UPS? We don’t get along much. I’ve had some crazy interactions with my UPS driver but I can’t share most of them here because, well, I’m not sure you would take my side so I’ll just keep them to myself. Tom always heard the details of every UPS encounter and he was always on “team Kinren.”

My UPS man’s favorite delivery trick is to attempt a delivery during the day when he knows I’m not home (because – hello – I have a job!). He leaves a delivery notice saying he’ll be back the next day at… and then he checks the box in front of every time frame! The delivery notice may as well say, “I’ll come when I want and if you want this package, you had better wait at home all day.”

This happened numerous times and I called and complained every single time. The last time it happened I called the UPS call center to inform them that my delivery person was up to no good and should be forced to choose only one delivery return time. They must have tracked him down because he showed up at my house an hour later. He calmly waited until I signed for the package and as I closed my door he cursed at me! Seriously. I did nothing to provoke him. I may have implied that figuring out how to use the return delivery time notice seemed pretty simple.

After my door was closed, I stood for a moment, stunned, then smiled. The UPS man had finally cracked. After years of me complaining about his poor customer service, he had finally had enough. I had to tell Tom. After we laughed about it on the phone, he posted to my Facebook account.

UPS Facebook Screen Shot | Kinren Chronicles

I miss being able to call Tom and complain about silly stuff that doesn’t matter like my idiotic UPS delivery man. Tom always knew when to be empathetic, when to challenge, and when to just laugh with me.


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