A Calm, Sunny Day

toms_ashesInstead of a traditional funeral service in a church, Tom chose to be cremated and wanted his ashes sprinkled on both the Pacific and the Atlantic. He asked us if it was OK with us, his choice. Since he enjoyed nature, especially being near the ocean, it seemed like an obvious decision, one we would likely have arranged even without his request.

On Friday morning, May 24, we scattered his ashes on the bay across from Chrissy Field in San Francisco. My parents’ pastor led the three of us through a brief order of worship before we scattered his ashes. For me, it was more spiritual than anything we could have arranged in a church. The bay was uncharacteristically calm and the sun was bright in the clear sky without a sign of fog. It was exactly the kind of day he loved, and I loved sharing it with him one last time.


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